Volume 9, Issue 1 Fall 2004
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Colleen Reilly and Joyce Walker, Editors


Techne + Praxis

A Making: The Job Search and Our Work as Computer Compositionists

Amy C. Kimme Hea
"Haraway (1992) urges us to recall that "[l]ives are built; so we had best become good craftspeople with the other worldly actants in the story" (p. 299). This hypertext is about job seeking, technology, and potential roles for graduate students and faculty mentors, but another purpose, a selfish one perhaps, is revisiting my position as a computer compositionist and discovering that position as a "making"—thinking critically about my past and future."

When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs, Emailing Lists, Discussion, and Interaction

Steven D. Krause
"I am as excited about the uses of blogs in my own writing and teaching as any of these other innovators. But after a failed experiment in teaching with blogs, I have begun to wonder if it is advisable or even possible to see blogs as a collaborative or especially 'interactive' writing environment. (2) Or, more accurately, I've come to believe we shouldn't substitute blogs for other electronic writing tools that foster discussion and interactive writing, particularly email lists, commonly known as listservs."


Call for Contributions

Have an exciting class this term? Conducting  interesting research you'd like to share? Working on an interesting project? Have a reflection, response, or idea concerning the webbed writing classroom? Interested in talking with Kairos authors?  Praxis is the section for you!  Contact Praxis Editors Colleen Reilly and Joyce Walker ( kpraxis@technorhetoric.net ) to talk more about the possibilities.