Volume 9, Issue 1 Fall 2004
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Coverweb: The Rhetoric and Pedagogy of Portable Technologies

CoverWeb · The Rhetoric and Pedagogy of Portable Technologies

Christopher Dean, Will Hochman, Carra Hood, and Robert McEachern: Fashioning the Emperor's New Clothes: Emerging Pedagogy and Practices of Turning Wireless Laptops Into Classroom Literacy Stations

Melissa Graham Meeks: Wireless Laptop Classrooms: Sketching Social and Material Spaces

Ryan Moeller: Wi-Fi Rhetoric: Driving Mobile Technologies

Meredith Zoetewey: Disrupting the Computer Lab(oratory): Names, Metaphors, and the Wireless Writing Classroom


Ellen Cushman: Composing New Media: Cultivating Landscapes of the Mind

Bob Whipple, Jr. and Robert S. Dornsife, Jr.: So Much, So Far, So What? Progress and Prediction in Technorhetoric


Stuart Moulthrop and Nancy Kaplan: New Literacies and Old: A Dialogue

Krista Homicz Interviews David Sheridan: Building a Multiliteracy Center


Amy C. Kimme Hea: A Making: The Job Search and Our Work as Computer Compositionists

Steven D. Krause: When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs, Emailing Lists, Discussion, and Interaction


Libby Allison: Writing in the Sciences: Exploring Conventions of Scientific Discourse 2/E (Penrose and Katz)
Kevin Brooks: The McLuhan Retrieval Reviewed
Matthew Bunce: Uncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia (Lovink)
Gail Corso and Sandi Weiss: Two (Re)views of New Academic Compact: Revisioning the Relationship between Faculty and Their Institutions (McMillen and Berberet)
Kevin Eric De Pew: Cyberactivism: Online Activism in Theory and Practice (McCaughey and Ayers)
Tom Ferstle: What Writing Does and How It Does It: An Introduction to Analyzing Texts and Textual Practices (Bazerman and Prior)
Angela Pettit: Grant Seeking in an Electronic Age (Mikelonis, Betsinger, Kampf)
Colleen Reilly: Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market (Ray)
Paul Rogers: Teaching Rhetorical Literacy In A Visual Age: A Review of Picturing Texts (Faigley, George, Palchik, Selfe)
John Rothfork: Putting the University Online: Information, Technology and Organizational Change (Cornford and Pollock)
Jessica Singer: Cyberactivism: Online Activism in Theory and Practice (McCaughey and Ayers)
Mike Thaman: Training in Organizations: Needs Assessment, Development, and Evaluation, 4/E (Goldstein and Ford)
Carl Whithaus: Writing about Cool (Rice)