K A I R O SA Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Volume 6, Issue 1 Spring 2001
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Response, Replies, and Commentary

Jennifer Bowie, Response Editor



Research Spotlight
Hypertext From a Distance: New Ways of Writing, New Ways of   Talking in Freshman English: One Institution's Perspective

Christy Desmet, Laura McGrath, and Angela Mitchell

Christy Desmet, Laura McGrath, and Angela Mitchell discuss their parts in an experimental composition class, the Collaborative Campus Project, that "explored the educational and pedagogical value of integrating synchronous and asynchronous technology into the Freshman English curriculum." The project involved faculty and students from the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Gainesville College. Classes were delivered in both conventional and distance education settings,  and students collaborated on critical writing, research, and hypertext assignments. This unique text explores the project from three perspectives and is actually three-texts-in-one, as each author focuses on a particular area of the project.

Classroom Spotlight
Women's Studies 101 on the Web

Lisa Hammond Rashley

This Classroom Spotlight explores women’s studies and internet distance courses, looking particularly at how the two interact and interconnect. The classroom is the internet distance learning course "Women in Culture"  were technology was used to "create an atmosphere in which active student participation in the classroom space enabled them to expand their learning." In this Spotlight, Lisa Hammond Rashey examines issues ranging from a feminist web pedagogy, to delivery issues, to particular technological tool use in the classroom. This text also includes the work of some of the students in "Women in Culture".

Call for Contributions

Have an exciting class this term? Conducting  interesting research you'd like to share? Working on an interesting project? Have a reflection, response, or idea concerning the webbed writing classroom? Interested in talking with Kairos authors?  Response is the section for you!  Contact Response Editor Jennifer Bowie ( jebowie@ttacs.ttu.edu ) to talk more about the possibilities.