K A I R O SA Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Volume 6, Issue 1 Spring 2001
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For an introduction to the CoverWeb concept, see Michael J. Salvo's LoggingOn  piece about the promises and pitfalls of multi-vocal academic texts. If you have questions, problems, concerns, and even if you have good things to say, please use let us know.

  Cover Web

Reflection, Pedagogy, and Technology

CoverWeb Overview, James A. Inman and Dagmar Stuehrk Corrigan

Critical Discourse in a Student Listserv: Collaboration, Conflict, and Electronic Multivocality, David Elias and Deborah Brown

Losing Control: Writers, Readers, and Hypertext, Maureen Fitzpatrick

Online Communities, Self-Silencing, and Lost Rhetorical Spaces, Kelly Kinney

A Web "Bartleby" for Teachers, Students, and Scholars, Haskell Springer

What Writing Students Get from the Net: Using Synchronous Communication to Develop Writerly Skills, Lara Baker Whelan








CoverWeb: Reflection, Pedagogy, and Technology