K A I R O SA Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Volume 5, Issue 1 Spring 2000
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Computers and Writing 2000
Computers and Writing

Cyborgs and Digital SoundWriting: Rearticulating Automated Speech Recognition Typing Programs

"I am certain that compositionists--who have, heretofore, been silent on the matter of SoundWriting--are the educators best suited to the task of expanding the potential of the cyborg SoundWriter."


by Stanley D. Harrison
University of South Florida


Hypersuasion and the New Ethos: Toward a Theory of Ethical Linking

"I propose with the term "hypersuasion" to describe the nature of hypertext essays that take the hypertextual medium to an extreme in their use of linking potential and hypermedia abilities in order to effect readers."


by Jeff White
Ball State University


Team-Teaching in the Virtual Writing Class

"All of us involved -- students and instructors alike -- become students of our virtual writing space, of its complications and possibilities, and of its constant flow of fresh obstacles and rewards."


by Amy Beasley
Sherry Mitchell

Washington State University
Connie Chismar
Georgian Court College
Resha Paumier
Nancy Ruff
Donna Spehar

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville