About the Reviewers

The Grand View New Media Collaborative was made up of 10 students and one faculty member from a class in 2015. As collaborators on a single project, we had to navigate how to list our names. We discussed various possibilities and implications associated with how we credited the group. We talked about collaborative pieces we had read in the class, and how others have decided how to list contributors to a single project.

Some of the possibilities we discussed included listing each writer's name, but we wondered in what order? Was alphabetic order fair? There wasn't a lead writer on the project, so their name could not go first. When we discussed the possibility of a group name with individual biographies, students seemed to agree that was the best option.

We considered "ENGL 345" or "Spring New Media Class," but after the class ended, "ENGL 345" would no longer be the same group. As with the whole process, writers proposed names and we discussed and voted. Because the group focused on collaborative writing and because the book focused on collaboration, the class agreed on the Grand View Collaborative. We decided to add "New Media" to tie it to the course title.

While we stand behind the choice to list this review by our collaborative and agreed upon name, it is also only fair to give credit to each individual contributor. Below are brief biographies for each contributor.

Jen Bradwell
graduated with a degree in graphic journalism and an English minor. She currently is a designer in the Des Moines studio for Gannett. She dreams of working in the book publishing industry. She's a huge bookworm, loves music, TV shows like The Office and The Mighty Boosh, and will always have a special place in her heart for turtles.

Heather Carpe
graduated with a degree in photography and journalism from Grand View University. She loves to photograph her nieces and nephew and enjoys taking photos of landscapes. Heather also loves coffee; it is her saving grace!

Jason Garnett
is a liberal arts major at Grand View.

Lacie Gwinn
is a multimedia communications major. After graduation, she will be looking to join the Peace Corps teaching English and working with refugees. She aspires to be a freelance journalist with emphasis in print and radio.

Leah N. Peel
has an English degree with a writing concentration from Grand View University. Her focuses are specifically creative and technical writing. She currently works as a copywriter for a small marketing company in Des Moines, Iowa.

Michael Joseph Tharnish Roby
graduated with a degree in English. He dreams of someday being a great author of everything from serious-minded fantasies to vulgar, irreverent plays.

Alex Roth
is a poet who graduated with an English degree from Grand View.

Leila Rush
is a junior mass communication, public relations major.

Nate Thesing
graduated with a B.A. in English from Grand View University. He worked as a tutor in Grand View's writing center. He is planning on pursuing a master's degree in composition and rhetoric.

Brittany Van Dyke
is a junior at Grand View University who is majoring in English with a writing concentration. She has an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts from Des Moines Area Community College. Whenever she isn't working towards her degree she spends her time reading, writing, spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, and watching TV.

Dr. Brittany Cottrill Lloyd
is an associate professor of English at Grand View University. In addition to teaching multimodal writing courses, she also teaches first-year and advanced composition and coordinates the first-year seminar.

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