The Project:

If you are in the field of computer-assisted writing instruction, you know it can sometimes be a lonely one. As computer-assisted writing instruction has not yet gained popular support at many universities; instructors employing technology do not often have the luxury of a department and institution to provide comraderie and support. With this in mind, the Netoric project was begun by volunteer leaders Greg Siering and Tari Fanderclai to bring instructors employing computer-assisted pedagogies together from accross the country to discuss issues regarding Computer Assisted Instruction, and for comraderie, support, and just general jovial communing. Netoric employs MOO technology to form this online lounge for computer-assisted writing instructors. They also maintain a website containing information about the program, its participants, logs of meetings, and announcements of upcoming events.

What's It All About?

Netoric uses MeidaMOO as the location of the meetings which are known as the Tuesday Cafe. As one might surmise, the meetings take place on Tuesdays, at 8:00 pm EST on MediaMOO. These meetings allow instructors from accross the country to meet and discuss issues relevant to their padagogies, and issues affecting the paradigm in general. Tuesday Cafe often becomes a nationwide think-tank of composition issues, and is always a rewarding experience. Netoric encourages newcomers and new users of MOO to visit the Tuesday Cafe. However, they do discourage users bringing workshops, large groups, or classes to the Tuesday Cafe as part of a MOO learning experience. To this end, Netoric often schedules events specifically designed for workshop sessions, classes, or large groups to learn how to use MOO.

What's Going On With It Now?

As the semester is back in session after the holidays, Tuesday Cafe is up and running at the regularly scheduled time. MediaMOO had experienced a brief session of server difficulty during December, but the server is running at full capacity and without problems now. Given this, it is an opportune time to visit the Tuesday Cafe and experience the nationwide lounge firsthand. In addition, Netoric keeps a full record of logs from previous Tuesday Cafe meetings at their website.


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