The Project:

The Crossroads Project concentrates its research and development on uses of information technology in American cultural studies. The information they learn and provide, though, is applicable to any discipline. The project seeks to research and promote the application of information technology in teaching curricula.

What's It All About?

The crossroads project is funded by major grants from The U.S. Department of Education, and the Annenberg/CPB foundation, and is sponsored by the American Studies Assosciation. The project is directed by Randy Bass, of Georgetown University's English Department, and administrated by Jeff Finlay, of Georgetown's American Studies Department. The project has done extensive research into the application and benefits of using information technology to enhance the learning of American cultural studies students.

Crossroads has created a website with extensive information for educators. The project's research is well documented on different areas of the site. Additionally, several documents, such as the " So What Can I Do With It? The Crossroads Guide to Using Technology to Teach American Studies " give educators hands-on instructions in the application of information technology in an American Studies curriculum.

Composition educators may wonder how this project can benefit them, and can rest assured that Crossroads' information is applicable to a composition curriculum. Of course, composition educators are familiar with the writing accross the currriculum movement, and Crossroads is aware of it as well. Much of their material relates to the application of information technology in the composition environment.

The project also supports several workshops and seminars on both the national and regional levels to educate instructors in the application of information technology in their curricula.

What's Going On With It Now?

Crossroads continues to operate and sponsor workshops on information technology in American Studies curricula. The project's website is regularly updated with new information from a broad range of contributors, and the What's New page keeps frequent visitors apprised of new materials. One such resource is " A guide to Dynamic Syllabi " for syllabi using electronic resources, which any discipline can adapt.

Crossroads encourages contributions from persons who can share knowledge about information technology integration into curricula, or American Studies. Those who wish to contribute should contact Randy Bass, the project's director.


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