The Project:

The Epiphany Project, funded by the Annenberg/CPB foundation and headed by Trent Batson and Judy Williamson, represents one of the most ambitious projects in the realm of Computer Assisted Instruction. Epiphany was established and designed to act as a comprehensive training and integration resource for educators who wish to integrate computer technology into their curriculum. Epiphany provides a comprehensive array of services to educators, from extensive online resources to actual hands-on training institutes and technology demonstrations. The Epiphany Project works hand-in-hand with a number of universities and colleges accross the country, known as Epiphany Supersites, which coordinate with technology oriented instructors and university and college resources to provide the services.

What's It All About?

The Epiphany Project exists primarily to provide training resources and integration models to educators. Epiphany maintains a large website, which contains much of the training material of the project. Epiphany provides an introductory document, which describes in full detail the mission and work of the project. Their website also contains practical models of technology use in curricula, a wealth of links to other online resources and examples, including sites of instructors and institutions who use technology as an integral part of one or more courses, and ways to contact Epiphany members to schedule training workshops, or to simply seek advice. Essentially, if you have any questions about integrating technology into your classroom, using technology to facilitate composition, or computer-assisted instruction in general, Epiphany is your one-stop resource for answers, recommendations, training, and other services. Also, if you have new ideas for technology in composition, Epiphany is the place to go for sharing. The Epiphany Project leaders are extremely knowledgable and always ready to help.

What's Going On With It Now?

Epiphany is in full swing once again, given the new semester and the rise in calls for training sessions. If you'd like to find out about workshops, visit the website for a schedule, or for mailto: links to contact Epiphany members directly. The original Annenberg grant that sponsored this project is coming to an end this summer, but given the overwhelming success of the project and the continued need for pedagogically sound technology orientation, the Project leaders are currently investigating ongoing funding sources.


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