Inventio: Delagrange reflects on Wunderkammer webtext process in “When Revision is Redesign: Key Qs for Digital Schol.” http://bit.ly/8HLki

Praxis: Carter & Dunbar-Odom present “Converging Literacies Center,” a model for writing programs w/iPhone interface! http://bit.ly/RbBlx

Praxis: Cleary, Sanders-Betzold, Hoover, & St. John on wiki research, “Working with Wikis in Writing-Intensive Classes” http://bit.ly/cFoK8

Disputatio: Hugh Burns’ “Resolution” to participate in NCTE's National Day on Writing. http://bit.ly/pyreb

Interviews: Scot Hanson interviewing Scott McCloud. Presented in comics form. Fun! Smart! Scott McCloud in Kairos! http://bit.ly/aNuUk

Reviews: Introducing #microreviews! First one by Collin Brooke on slideware. http://bit.ly/9aZIA. Thanks to Joddy Murray for great idea!

Reviews: Nakamura’s Digitizing Race reviewed by Alexander. http://bit.ly/dTbSs Bogost’s Persuasive Games by DeWinter. http://bit.ly/1ElPbC

Reviews: Platt reviewing Funkhouser’s Prehistoric Digital Poetry. http://bit.ly/Ch3MV. Venus on Hawk’s Counter-History. http://bit.ly/7INc9

Reviews: Schwegler reviews Thacker & Galloway’s The Exploit: A Theory of Networks. http://bit.ly/3bFgee

CCCC09 Reviews: Edited by Christopher Dean. Can’t remember what happened in San Fran last March? 34 unique reminders: http://bit.ly/74fBB