In honor of the tweet-fest at Computers and Writing 2009 at UC-Davis, this editorial column will be presented as a series of >140-character messages.

Hashtags used at C&W 2009 include #cw09, #twitrhet, #ecotone, & session-specific ones … what else? Post-conference, #cw09happening. ;)

The food at #cw09 was most stupendous, and the sessions were awesome, with much convo around the keynotes: Ganley & Bill Cope.

@MichaelDay RT: “I posted a few pix from the last day of CW09 on FaceBook. Friend me if you like.” http://bit.ly/VHRQ

@CarlWhithaus RT: “The iTunes U archive of C&W sessions now available” http://bit.ly/Wd1o0

Lots of bloggers reflected on the conference, but my fav is Steve Krause, who captured bowling (scroll 2/3 down...ugh!). http://bit.ly/eNSp9

In the spring issue, #cw09 session reviews, gamely organized by Scott Reed & edited by Doug Eyman. Thanks to volunteer reviewers!!

Don’t forget: Next year #cw10 (onsite & online) @ Purdue. Theme is Virtual Worlds. http://www.digitalparlor.org/cw2010/. See you there!

Also, if you want to propose to host #cw11 onsite/line, email Doug Eyman (7Cs Chair) by Sept 1 w/ an “email of intent” or with questions.