Volume 7, Issue 3 Fall 2002
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CCCC 2007: Conference Review

Jonathan Alexander, Chris Dean, Hannah Dickinson, Will Hochman, Randall McClure, and Fred Siegel, CCCC Review Editors


Kairos welcomes a new Reviews feature with this issue: reviews of sessions from the Conference on College Composition and Communication, edited by the CCCC Reviews Editorial team of Jonathan Alexander, Chris Dean, Hannah Dickinson, Will Hochman, Randall McClure, and Fred Siegel. For the past three years, the CCCC Reviews have been published by Across the Disciplines; through a mutual agreement, the reviews are now moving to Kairos. The reviews interface at ATD was designed and implemented by Mike Palmquist -- this interface allowed for the kinds of organization and interactivity that online publication is ideally suited to provide to readers. While we considered importing that system of organization here, we ultimately decided that the CCCCReviews presented an opportunity to expand upon a new feature of Kairos: KairosWikis. KairosWikis will house articles and reviews that are designed to be interactive and collaborative -- but it should be noted that the works that are published in KairosWikis are peer-reviewed (articles are peer-reviewed by the Kairos peer-review process, reviews are reviewed by the reviews editorial teams).

You are cordially invited to contribute to the conference reviews: following each review is a comment link that will lead to (or create) a discussion page for that review. If you are interested in reviewing at next year's CCC Conference or if you are interested in developing reviews for other conferences, please let us know at creviews@technorhetoric.net.

2007 Conference on College Composition and Communication Reviews in KairosWikis

Past Conference Reviews published in Across the Disciplines: