Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer 1996
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For an introduction to the CoverWeb concept, see Michael J. Salvo's LoggingOn  piece about the promises and pitfalls of multi-vocal academic texts. If you have questions, problems, concerns, and even if you have good things to say, please use let us know.

  Cover Web

Pedagogies in Virtual Spaces: Writing Classes in the MOO

Eight hypertext authors accept the call to survey the resources and methods available to teachers of writing in synchronous MOO space. For everyone from beginners to wizards, from K-12 through graduate school, this is a series of reviews, suggestions, and commentary on the present and future(s) of MOO-based writing pedagogies.

CoverWeb Overview
Michael Day

The editors suggest starting with Michael Day's CoverWeb Overview and MOO history which effectively contextualizes each contribution. MOOs and MUDs provide valuable virtual resources for teachers interested in increasing student-to-student interaction while professional uses of these text-based virtual realms are becoming increasingly common. Michael Day introduces the different contributions in his discussion of MOOs as education environments; each web concentrates on a different aspect of Educational MOOing.

There are instructions for navigating the OverView to the CoverWeb. Click the word Help! in the upper right hand navigation box.

CoverWeb Coordinator: Michael Day
Reviewers: Jeffrey Galin, Eric Crump, and Rebecca Rickly

@go tuesday
Sharon Cogdill

Using MOOs to Teach Composition and Literature
Leslie Harris

Lingua Unlimited: Enhancing Pedagogical Reality with MOOs
Cynthia Haynes and Jan Rune Holmevik

Wading Through the MUD -- the Process of Becoming M** Literate
Claudine Keenan

TCC Online Conference
Judith Kirkpatrick

So You Wanna MOO
Jane Lasarenko

MOOing is More than Writing
Avigail Oren