Volume 8, Issue 2 Fall 2003
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Upon Further Review . . .

Gail Corso and Rich Rice, Reviews Co-Editors
Deepa Sitaraman, Assistant Reviews Editor

This issue's reviews are interconnected in a variety of ways. Bowdon and Scott's Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication is reviewed twice, for instance, to give Kairos readers additional perspective. There are two reviews of new software tools: Wadsworth's InSite and Longman's College Writing Online by Joseph Moxley. Interested in seeing what's happening in Canada? Check out the review of Virtual Education, Real Educators which builds on Cynthia Selfe's work in many ways. MIT Press continues to produce excellent and fabulously interesting collections that can be used on the graduate level, such as Digital Media Revisited and Virtual Art. And Melissa Meeks and Alex Ilyasova have continued their work from MTU's summer workshop. They have collaborated to produce a review of digital video production strategies and projects at three different universities: Iowa State, Michigan Tech, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Their review is one useful for many graduate and undergraduate courses. Finally, to see what role stereotypes play in virtual reality, read Samantha Blackmon's review of Lisa Nakamura's Cybertypes where identity is important not only in real space but also in virtual space!

The link to the reviews archive below is an index of all reviews written for Kairos.

Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication (Bowden and Scott) InSite: For Writing and Research™ College Writing Online (Moxley)
Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet (Lisa Nakamura) Prefiguring Cyberspace: An Intellectual History  (Tofts, Jonson, Cavallaro) Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication (Bowden and Scott)
Virtual Education, Real Educators: Issues in Online Learning (O’Haire, Froese-Germain, Lane-De Baie) Digital Video Production in Post-Secondary English Classrooms at Three Universities Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion (Oliver Grau)
Digital Media Revisited: Theoretical and Conceptual Innovation in Digital Domains (Liestøl, Morrison, and Rasmussen)Writing Software Documentation: A Task-Oriented Approach (Thomas Barker)

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