Volume 8, Issue 2 Fall 2003
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Colleen Reilly, Praxis Editor


Techne + Praxis

Approaching The Paideia: An Advanced Composition Model

Ralph Wahlstrom
"This article describes an advanced writing project that brings conventional and electronic text and performance together in a way that approaches what Richard Lanham has labeled "The Rhetorical Paideia." It acknowledges the significance of this shift and the importance of electronic text as an advanced form of writing, and I believe, offers a compelling model of one approach to advanced composition."

Teaching Composition Online: No Longer the Second-Best Choice

Leslie Blair
"Having taught freshmen composition both in the classroom and online, I have noticed a unique learning advantage for students who participate online. Students who take an online composition course learn to communicate through writing because it is their only medium for communication. The practice they receive through writing to communicate with their instructor and peers can be as influential to their writing skills as major essay assignments. Using current online technologies in conjunction with research in distance education has given me a new direction for not only my online courses, but my face-to-face composition classes as well. "

Call for Contributions

Have an exciting class this term? Conducting  interesting research you'd like to share? Working on an interesting project? Have a reflection, response, or idea concerning the webbed writing classroom? Interested in talking with Kairos authors?  Praxis is the section for you!  Contact Praxis Editors Colleen Reilly and Joyce Walker ( kpraxis@earthlink.net ) to talk more about the possibilities.