K A I R O SA Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Volume 5, Issue 2 Fall 2000
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Response, Replies, and Commentary

Jennifer Bowie, Response Editor
Adam Banks, Editorial Assistant



CW2K Graduate Research Network:  The Future of Computers and Writing

By Janice R. Walker & an et al. of all the GRN  participants.

"The Graduate Research Network was created to provide a chance for graduate students to talk about the work they are doing in Computers and Writing, to get feedback and suggestions, to ask questions, and to connect with others doing work in similar areas.  And, for discussion leaders, the GRN was a chance to learn about exciting new projects, to invigorate their own work, and to make connections with future colleagues in computers and writing." This piece looks at the GRN with comments, reflections,  quotes, and thoughts on the future.

A Formal Debate: Can Online Instruction be as Effective as Face-to-Face? 
A webbed version of the C&W 2000 debate

The Debaters:
For the Affrimative: Fred Kemp & Ted Nellen
For the Negative: Steve Krause & Trish Harris

"Intended to be a debate between those who advocate completely online instruction and those who resist it, the title is a bit of
a misnomer. The question, really, is how quickly and how completely technological change should be embraced and put to use. The 'Affirmative' position argues that rapid development is not only preferrable, but essential; the 'Negative' position argues that critical reflection is a necessary tool for the integration of new technologies. " Please join the debate yourself by adding your own thoughts and feelings. 

Kairos Meet The Authors

KMTA is an interactive series featuring the authors of Kairos webtexts hosted and coordinated in association with the journal's electronic partner, LinguaMOO.

Cheryl E. Ball joined us for an interactive discussion of her work "Heading South." "Heading South" is a hypertextual poetry project with three interlinked poems, reflections on family connections, a class project, and a journey.

The September Series:

Amy Beasley, Sherry Mitchell, Connie Chismar (in absentia), Resha Paumier, Nancy Ruff, and Donna Spehar authors of  "Team-Teaching in the Virtual Writing Class" join us for a look at their work that explores teachers and students becoming students of virtual writing space. 

Ted Nellen, an author of "Cyber Learning is Authentic Learning: Practical Theory is the Cadence to Which Teachers March," joined us to discuss learning, its requirements, its methods, its goals, and how we learn.

Call for Contributions

Have an exciting class this term?  Interested in talking with Kairos authors?  Response is the section for you!  Contact Response Editor Jennifer Bowie (jebowie@ttacs.ttu.edu) to talk more about the possibilities.