K A I R O SA Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Volume 5, Issue 2 Fall 2000
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  • "It's STILL Not Far to the Frontier: Encouraging Students To Become Active Professionals in C&W"
    Bill Condon
    Washington State University

  • "Teaching Philosophy for the Graduate Classroom"
    Dene Grigar
    Texas Woman's University

  • "Graduate Students and Computer-Related Work Guideines: Where's the Fit?"
    Gail E. Hawisher
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • "The Importance of Breadth and Diversity in Graduate Computers and Writing Education"
    James Inman
    Furman University

  • "Reconciling Local and Global (or, Short Term and Long Term) Graduate Student Concerns"
    Susan Lang
    Texas Tech University

  • "Teach-nology: From Tech Guru to Teaching Guru"
    Rich Rice
    Ball State University

  • "Mentoring, (Wo)Mentoring, and Helping Students Take Responsibility for Their Own Education"
    Rebecca Rickly
    Texas Tech University

  • "Demystifying the Job Search: How Mentors Can Reduce Post-dissertation Stress Disorder"
    Mike Salvo
    Texas Tech University

  • "Paying Attention to the Professional Development of Graduate Students: Designing a Seminar That Works"
    Cynthia Selfe
    Michigan Technological University


TownHall Two: Dancing on the Limbs of Learning

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  • "Of Mesquite and Computer Labs"
    Sally Henschel
    Midwestern State University

  • "Encountering Technological Resistance in the High-Tech Freshman"
    Corinna McLeod, PINTE Instructor
    University of South Carolina

  • "Different Limbs, Different Risks "
    Nancy Patterson
    Michigan State University and Portland Middle School

  • "The Real Value of the Net: A Playground for Hopeful Monsters "
    Eric Crump

  • "Forgetting Beginnings "
    Kathy A. Fitch
    College of DuPage