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Teaching on the Internet: Transactional Writing Instruction on the World Wide Web

"Our course used strategies with synchronous conferencing as the primary instrument of transaction in order to best affect the pace and direction of learning."


by W. Webster Newbold
Ball State University


The 10,000-word Question - using images on the world-wide web

"You've seen them: trim boxes of text, only they aren't text, but bitmapped graphics. Eventually, these look great -- the same on anybody's machine -- which disguises their devilry."


by Eric Johson
Mississippi State University


Consumptive Writing (A Fatal Strategy)

"The experiment of Consumptive Writing is not critique. I act on the Baudrillardian hypothesis that critique tends to reproduce and bolster its enemy. Better to take a fatal strategy, to go with the flow as it were..."


by Matthew Levy
University of Texas at Arlington