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  Cover Web

This issue's CoverWeb explores the use of hypertext fiction and poetry, both as textual resources and as creative exercises in the classroom:

  • Cheryl Ball explores hypertext poetry by creating three interlinked poems;
  • John F. Barber showcases three "cybernetic engines" which use creative technology to promote the development of higher level writing skills;
  • Lawrence J. Clark examines reader discomfiture with hypertext fiction and argues that readers can indeed find some sort of aesthetic pleasure in reading such works.;
  • Sadie Cornell presents an Honors Mentorship Project which examines literary hypertexts for their possible uses in English composition and literature classes (with Mentor Donna Reiss);
  • Michelle Rogge Gannon shares "what happens when a bunch of mostly non-English majors publish a literary e-zine in a creative writing class";
  • J.J. Runnion describes the design, assignments, and results of a course called "HyperRhetoroids: The Rhetoric of Hypertext." In the course, students read hypertext fiction and poetry, analyzed a variety of "texts," and created web-sites to show the results of their efforts.

Also included is a discussion of hypertext from CW99 online, featuring the voices of Susan Elaine Antlitz, Collin Brooke, Nick Carbone, Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Kathy Fitch, James A. Inman, Lennie Irvin, Michelle Kendrick, Steve Krause, Ted Nellen, Albert Rouzie, Greg Siering, Geoffrey Sirc, Greg Ulmer, and Anne F. Wysocki.

CoverWeb: Hypertext Fiction and Poetry