Section Coordinator
Nick Carbone


A Rhetorical Evaluation of OWLs 
Review by Beth Balkus, Shelley Carter, Julie Dawson, Bernard J. Duis, Brian Hoover, Jimmie Hudson, Lisa Ihle, Christine Nelson, Erin K. Olson, Sarah Schafer, Dana Sweetwood, Stefanie VanTieghem, and Dr. Joan Latchaw.  


Plagarism Thread by ACW-L, October 1997 
Review by Bill Marsh 


WebWhacker by Blue Squirrel  
Review by Richard Long 

  • Connections: A Guide to On-Line Writing by Anderson, Benjamin, & Paredes-Holt

  • Review by Albert Rouzie 
  • Shamans, Software, and Spleens: Law and the Construction of the Information Society by Boyle 

  • Review by Paul Amore 
  • Netlaw: Your Rights in the Online World  by Rose & Rogers
  • Copyrighting Culture: The Political Economy of Intellectual Property by Bettig & Schiller 

  • Reviews by Barbara J. D'Angelo 
  • Nostalgic Angels: Rearticulating Hypertext Writing by Johnson-Eilola

  • Review by Mary Ann Eiler 
  • Stolen Words: Forays into the Origins and Ravages of Plagiarism by Mallon 

  • Review by Rebecca Moore Howard

KAIROS Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 3 No. 1. Spring 1997