A Rhetorical Evaluation of OWLs


OWLs: Who Gives a Hoot?

When you think of OWLs, you most likely think of big-eyed birds in trees. But when the Rhetoric class at the University of Nebraska at Omaha thinks of OWLs, they think of Online Writing Labs. Online Writing Labs give a new twist to the conventional writing center. Access to answers about grammar and help with fluency in a composition is now right at your fingertips. This website reviews the effectiveness of ten OWLs, the ease of their use, and the additional features that make them unique.

Our review of... The rating we gave it... Visit the OWL yourself...
Bemidji State University
4.5 Hoots
Bowling Green State University
4 Hoots
Daemen College
2 Hoots
Writing Space
Dakota State University
2 Hoots
Marist College
4 Hoots
University of Michigan
4 Hoots
Oklahoma State University
2 Hoots
University of Southern Colorado
2.5 Hoots
Writing Center
University of Texas at Austin
3 Hoots
Writing Center

Other points of interest:
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