Of the five archival sites/models we explore, MUSE, JSTOR, and CIAO are the most conservative as they are initiatives of publishing houses and library associations. Argos and the xxx e-print archives are more radical challenges to current models of print production and distribution systems. Though CIAO and Argos are more like heterotopic spaces than the rest, none can finally be understood as living spaces like the four heterotopic models that we envision near the end of this essay.

 MUSE, JSTOR, and CIAO, were conceived not as heterotopic spaces but as webbed archives that transcend time, space, and economic constraints. Because these databases resemble traditional print sources, they will be more familiar to and user-friendly for academicians new to electronic technologies. They do not offer much incentive to reconceptualize that space or to critically mirror sociocultural behaviors or practices.

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