CIAO, "Columbia International Affairs Online" (a discipline-specific website developed by Columbia books), also extends the library metaphor beyond structural boundaries. In representing an academic community, rather than a set of archived materials, it reflects other sites and activities outside the website: conferences, events, conference proceedings, working papers, journal books, and indices. Yet, it also resembles the professional archive which, in this case, is limited to "theory and research in international affairs." Although limited, CIAO is more inclusive than MUSE or JSTOR, since it invites anyone working or interested in the field (seasoned scholars, recent graduates, instructors and lecturers) to enter this discourse community.

Interestingly, the website's design does not suggest that the twelve books (six print-only and six print/digital versions published by Columbia UP each year) have more cultural value than other materials and information, such as the working papers. Each category is represented visually on the website by vertical colors and sections, some of which blend with the others. The diversity of text genres points more toward a community of scholars than the fundamentally archival functions of MUSE and JSTOR.

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