Characteristics of Susie's Voice

by Ellen Birdwell

Cute, friendly, cheerful, smart, fun, safe, helpful, low-key.

Susie specializes in quick questions, brainstorming, and helping students get past the little “blocks” that can loom large. Thus, the above traits are a perfect match for the way Susie tutors. Because she often serves to help students brainstorm, she needs to be fun enough to inspire creativity, but smart enough to seem like a trustworthy source. In addition, her expertise, along with a genuine desire to be helpful, means that when she fields quick questions, students can feel confident in the answer; they also avoid feeling bad about their “dumb questions.” In electronic communication, as in face-to-face interactions, it’s important that students feel safe. Our writers often come to us feeling nervous or afraid; those who choose an anonymous approach may have even more intense anxiety. So Susie’s reassuringly friendly and low-key attitude is perfect.

susie drinking coffee

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characteristics of susie's voice

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