The E-List: Resource Reviews for Teachers of Writing

Coordinated by
Sandra Thompson
and Camille Langston

Texas Woman's University

"The E-List: Resource Reviews for Teachers of Writing" provides in-depth reviews of listservs which are of interest to teachers of writing. Each review examines a listserv's intended audience and purpose, a taste of what types of discussions take place from day to day, a critical review, and information on subscribing to the list.

On one level, this new section of Kairos  apprises educators of available listservs which could assist in the development of instructors' skills as teachers of writing. The other purpose of creating "The E-List" is to re-invent what it means to review text for an academic journal. As we re-imagine what "reviewable text" can mean (the conversations on an electronic forum as compared to more traditional journal articles), the multivocal approach of a resource like the E-List provides commentary and criticism regarding these new forms of textual academic interaction.

Hopefully, you will find though this collaborative project useful scholarly texts available to you electronically via electronic lists. If you are interested in reviewing a list for future issues of this publication, please contact Kairos.


Reviewed by James A. Inman
American Literature On-Line offers a forum for the exchange of American Literature discussion, consultations, and conferences among scholars and students.

Reviewed by Sandra Thompson
Discussions on chapters from specific Jane Austen novels and other topics on her works are the attraction of the Jane Austen List.

Reviewed by James A. Inman
Academic institutions, primarily from the United States, post calls for papers on Calls for Papers in English & American Literature

Reviewed by Kimberly Jo Allison
Native Americans of all nations as well as non-native individuals express their perspectives on literature by and about Native Americans on the Native American Literature Listserv.

Reviewed by Joel A. English
A new list, Personality Type and Writing, solicits posts from instructors on Jungian pychological types and the teaching of composition.

Reviewed by Sandra Thompson
The electronic conference for Victorian Studies, Victoria invites discussion on a variety of topics relating to the nineteenth-century.

Reviewed by Kimberly Jo Allison
Instructors, researchers, and program administrators are invited to engage in dialogues on the instruction and development of Women's Studies courses and programs on the Women's Studies List.

The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, attitudes, or relative endorsement of Kairos  staff or editorial board, or of the coordinators of this section.

Reviewers' Biographical Notes

Kimberly Jo Allison is a graduate student in British Literature and Rhetoric at Texas Woman's University. Joel A. English is a graduate student in Rhetoric at Ball State University. James A. Inman is graduate student in English at Valdosta State University. Sandra Thompson is a graduate student in British Literature and Rhetoric at Texas Woman's University.

KAIROS Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments.
Vol. 1 No. 3 Autumn 1996