List Review of AUSTEN-L

The Jane Austen List

by Sandra Thompson, Texas Woman's University

All quoted material is from Henry Churchyard's AUSTEN-L Mailing List page

AUSTEN-L is a list owned and operated by Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, a member of the faculty of the Department of Education at McGill University in Montreal. I found this list through Henry Churchyard's detailed Jane Austen Information Page which offers resources for the study of Austen's works. In the Information Page, readers can find links to hypertext copies of her novels, biographical material, selective bibliographic citations, other web pages on Jane Austen, and humor on Jane Austen.

AUSTEN-L is a fairly active list for those who enjoy the novels of Jane Austen and her female contemporaries and wish to discuss them with others who share their interest. According to Churchyard, each member is invited to "share your historical knowledge, personal insights, critical acumen, playful creativity, and/or perplexing questions (while keeping the topic more or less relevant to Jane Austen)."

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