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Jungian Psychological Type & Teaching of Composition List

Reviewed by Joel A. English

Typwrt-L is a list for the discussion of Jungian psychological type theory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the effects of type on writing and the teaching of composition. Dean Hinnen, the list owner, generated the idea for Typwrt-L during a conversation with George Jensen about the need for such a forum. After further discussion with other personality type scholars at CCCC 1996, Hinnen established Typwrt-L in April as a discussion forum for those interested in how personality types affect writers, and how types therefore affect writing instruction. Since then, sixty individuals interested in the influence of personality type in composition and in education have joined the list.

The primary concern of Typwrt-L is to discuss ways list members attend to personality type in their composition classrooms. List members share projects they have worked on or are conducting in their classrooms which relate to personality types, and they discuss literature that addresses personality type in the context of composition. However, Typwrt-L discussion often veers into personality-related territory that may only indirectly tie to the composition classroom.

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