Volume 7, Issue 1 Spring 2002
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What's Worthwhile on the World Wide Web? Collective Intuition, Situated Cognition, and the Agenda of Critical Thinking

"We want tools that handle the complexities of real-world Web use, but our solutions emerge from an academic settings where there is a far greater degree of common ground among users and resources. As I'll argue at this site, academic agenda are marked by foregrounding the establishment of abstract notions of certainty and validity; this may not be feasible for or meaningful to the everyday user. The gold standard of scholarly discourse is the print manuscript; we infuse Web evaluation with our print criteria even though this is not necessarily the best way to conceptualize new technology."


by Sarah K. Brem
Arizona State University


Textural Textuality: A Personal Exploration of Critical Race Theory

"Our understanding of concepts like race are filtered in direct ways through the myriad of people we come into contact with, and there is something about the moments I have spent chatting in moving taxis, buses, and grocery lines that has shaped my context for the world in ways that are collectively as important as many of the longer term relationships I have had. . . . . Movements backward and forward, in all directions really, pointing not to an ending destination, but to a sense that movement is worth examining for how it shapes the experiences of all the people involved."


by Joyce R. Walker
University of Illinois