Network Visualizations

These visualizations of the modding community, constructed on the basis of metadata contained in paratextual documents (such as readme files), were made with Cytoscape, an open source network visualization platform. All of the visualizations are interactively scalable and manipulable; for example, the individual nodes can be rearranged in order to inspect the connections between Super Mario Bros. modders and online modding communities, while other parameters can be selected via the dropdown menus. See also the case study for examples of usage in conjunction with other tools included in this webtext.

Networks between modders (default view), as revealed in paratextual references (i.e., "shout-outs" in README.TXT and similar accompanying files). Full screen view.

Modder networks (concentric view). Full screen view.

Modder networks (weighted). Full screen view.

Modding communities (i.e., paratextual references to various online communities and modding websites). Full screen view.