Arola, Kristin L, Sheppard, Jennifer, and Ball, Cheryl E. (2014). Writer/Designer: A guide to making multimodal projects. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Print ISBN: 9781457649400 eBook ISBN: 9781457600456

Reviewed by Elkie Burnside

Writer/Designer Cover
Published in January 2014, Writer/Designer brings together the expertise of Kristin L. Arola, Jennifer Sheppard, and Cheryl E. Ball to provide those interested in creating multimodal projects in classrooms with a process-oriented guide for understanding, drafting, and producing multimodal texts across disciplinary bounds.

This audio review is based on a presentation by all three at Computers and Writing 2014. Clips are also included of this reviewer's critique of and experiences teaching with the text. The review can be experienced in any order the reader wishes. Each section is described below; select a starting point as desired.


This section of the review features clips that overview the background for creating the book, describe the text's design features, and briefly overview the table of contents.



This section of the review features an example sequence created by Arola based on the book as well as general authorial advice on the benefit of the text and thoughts on assessment of multimodal projects.



This section of the review features an example sequence based on this reviewer’s use of the text as well as a chapter-by-chapter and overall critique of the text's content based on several semesters of instruction with Writer/Designer.


Review Transcript

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About the Reviewer

Dr. Elkie Burnside is an Assistant Professor of English at The University of Findlay. Her research interests center on the intersections of multimodality, rhetoric, and instructional methods in a variety of settings (both academic and professional). She instructs undergraduate and graduate writing courses focused on professional writing, multimodal composing, and visual rhetoric. She also serves as an Assistant Editor for Kairos.