Reviewed by Elkie Burnside


In the following clips, Jennifer Sheppard and Cheryl E. Ball describe Writer/Designer and the decisions they made while designing, creating, and finalizing the text. The first clip explains the theoretical foundation the authors used to develop the text. The second clip briefly highlights the text's design features. The final clip provides a chapter-by-chapter overview from an author's perspective. Brief descriptions outline the main ideas in each clip; clips do not need to be listened to in order to be understandable.

Background and Commitment for Practice

Sheppard explains how the authors developed the idea for the textbook and outlines the book’s three pedagogical commitments: 1) Look at and analyze many examples, 2) Provide hands-on learning, and 3) Use flexible assessment strategies. (length 4:04)


Book Design and Special Features

Ball describes the book's size, overall design, textual features, and online components. (length 4:35)


Table of Contents Overview

Ball provides a brief description of the eight chapters included in the text. (length 2:56)

Chapter 1: What are Multimodal Projects?
Chapter 2: Analyzing Multimodal Projects
Chapter 3: Choosing a Genre and Pitching Your Project
Chapter 4: Working with Multimodal Sources
Chapter 5: Assembling your Technologies and Your Team
Chapter 6: Designing Your Project
Chapter 7: Drafting and Revising Your Project
Chapter 8: Putting Your Project to Work