Volume 2, Issue 1 Spring 1997
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Collaborative Spaces and Education

This webtext promotes distributed learning and collaboration by taking a close look at teaching with the Internet, presenting assignments and surveying student and teacher projects. The text is open to reader contributions, and as such, the authors call it "akin to propping open our classroom doors."


by Daniel Anderson and Joi Lynne Chevalier


The Seven Ages of Computer Connectivity

Borrowing from the notion of a geological "age" which denotes a period of time during which something exists in a state or fashion or capacity significantly different than other periods of time, John Barber has declared "The Seven Ages of Computer Connectivity---The Computer Age, The Information Age, The Shocked Age, The Telespheral Age, The Aquarian Age, The Transhuman Age, and The Digital Age."


by John F. Barber


Rhetorics of the Web: Implications for Teachers of Literacy

This web calls upon theories of hypertext design, rhetorical theory, genre theory and the theory of transformative technology to explore some possible answers to questions like "What are the forms of rhetorical hypertext?" and "What functions can be best served by which form?" and explores possibilities for hypertext as a reading and writing tool in the classroom.


by Doug Brent


Embedded Visuals: Student Design in Web Spaces

This website is intended as an example of teaching and assessing aspects of design in college composition courses. It addresses how to integrate design in a curriculum and offer students guidelines for design and to evaluate their projects.


by Tonya Browning