Crafting Online Spaces: Identity and Materiality. An Interview with Hannah Bellwoar | by Amber Buck & Hannah Bellwoar
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Crafting Literate Practice: Blog and Podcast

As well as her social network activity on Ravelry, Hannah maintains a blog about her knitting projects, the Traveling Sock Knitter. Her blog posts provide updates on her knitting projects, and she uses the writing process as a metaphor for her knitting workflow as well, describing knitting projects as "drafting" and "fully drafted." Hannah's video podcast has a complex writing process also. Hannah drafts notes for her podcast beforehand, which she then delivers for the camera. In this video, Hannah describes the video podcasts she publishes to her blog, how she got started creating video podcasts, and the connections the podcast has allowed her to make with the greater Ravelry community.

Read the transcript of this video here.

Hannah's blog and podcast activity are fueled through Ravelry. She links her video podcast to her forums on Ravelry, and she uses the Ravelry forum space to also facilitate and participate in conversations regarding topics discussed in her podcast. These conversations also blend personal and academic topics, as shown in these images. (Click on each image to view larger).

forum discussions Screenshot of interaction on a forum post within Ravelry's social media network and how Hannah has used it to showcase her video podcasts. Screenshot showcasing more forum posts within Ravelry

For Hannah, the video podcasts are an activity in synthesis. These frequent video updates enact this process of knotworking and allow her to connect the various aspects of her personal and professional life in new ways, drawing connections between them and exploring theory, scholarship, and teaching in new contexts. One regular segment of Hannah's podcast is the "Mortarboard Moment," which focuses on Hannah's own teaching and research. Here, Hannah discusses her first "Mortarboard Moment" in which she connected Clay Shirky's (2008) Here Comes Everybody with her own knitting practice. Hannah's video podcasts give her further opportunity to connect her professional literate activity to her knitting practice.

Read a transcript of this video here.