Interview with Maxine Dodds

Go for it! Do your research, but figure out what you want and go for it. Don't be dissuaded. Women can inspire women to participate, but cannot control the impulse for abuse. Abuse is abuse whether in digits or in flesh, so why should virtual work be any different? Women continue being who they are. Trolling is not women's problem. It's men's problem: Men have to learn how to work effectively with women, to work effectively with women in power, and to deal with their own insecurities. Ultimately, it isn't women's responsibility to make men realize that gaming is business, and the same protections we have under the law for safety, work satisfaction, and nondiscrimination applies equally to the virtual as the real. The more strong female role models are promoted and celebrated, the more other women will come forward, and then women's inclusion and advancement becomes an unstoppable force. This segment ends with discussion of the Victoria and Albert Museum coming to Dundee, and the V&A's first gamer-in-residence, Sophia George.