Interview with Maxine Dodds

Because of differences between Scottish, English, and American business practices, it is important to highlight the importance of groups like Girl Geeks and Scottish Women in Games and how closely tied these groups are to the expansion and regularization of the gaming industry in Dundee as well as throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom. Education is a keystone in Dodds's vision. Integrating support both for women and men is imperative, and women as role models act both to balance the representation of the games industry and provide models for young women to emulate. Female hosts for game reviews are a platform for showcasing women in leadership as well as creating opportunities to include women in a variety of roles, from programming and designing to leadership within the industry. Moreover, Dodds asserts that these female role models normalize women in leadership roles and prepare young men to better enculturate themselves into workplaces where women are managers, leaders, creatives, and decision-makers. Key to these efforts are supporting programming, designing, and gaming activities in schools; providing opportunities for all children to imagine themselves as professionals; as well as for creating academic paths and university initiatives while also recognizing a variety of non-academic pathways into preparation for careers in gaming. With dozens of firms looking to emerge from startup to institutional status, it becomes imperative for women in the industry to map pathways for the next generation to follow.