Online Map Interface

This online interface provides limited access to the study's maps. Map layers may be turned on and off using the checkboxes underneath the display. The navigation controls on the right side of the display may be used to move and zoom. The time slider at the top of the display may be used to move forward and backward in time and animate the display. The online map interface requires the Google Earth browser plug-in, which is part of the Google Earth application. The interface may take a while to load; please be patient.


  • Academic.Writing
  • Across the Disciplines
  • Computers and Composition Online
  • Currents in Electronic Literacy
  • Enculturation
  • Inventio
  • Kairos
  • PRE/TEXT: Electra(Lite)
  • The Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature
  • The Writing Instructor


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Author Information

Jeremy Tirrell
UNC Wilmington