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Spatial and visual rhetorical strategies allow individuals to visualize information and to organize that information in different ways. The visual technique of mapping topics and arguments can lead to interesting implications of how individuals perceive the steps involved in analysis and writing. For my final project in Spatial and Visual Rhetoric (svr) I designed a writing assignment centered on music in society that included elements of mapping, visual design, and rhetorical analysis. Music is everywhere, free of charge, from bells chiming on a university campus to grocery stores. Music is a worthwhile topic for analysis when students are asked to explore the implications of what that availability says in regards to society.

This webtext provides an explanation of the theories I used to develop the writing assignment and details how I then explored ways to incorporate similar mapping strategies in a workplace environment as a way to help organize information flow in crisis response situations. I present the arguments that helped inform the project, but I also provide a summary of how that assignment was then altered and put to use within a workplace setting. While the two settings—academic and business—are very different, I hope to make concrete connections as to how the assignment is beneficial for learners in both environments.


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