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Podcasting in a Writing Class? Considering the Possibilities

Assignments from Episode 4:

Media & Message Comparison

I call this the Media Analysis Project in my class.

Worth: 20% final grade

Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to consider and analyze media/message differences when creating texts, especially arguments.

For this assignment you will make an argument in two different texts—a printed text and a podcast. The arguments should be similar—the “same” argument, however designed differently for the different media. If you desire you may adjust the audience for the different media, or you may keep the same audience. For each text, you will need to consider how to best present the argument for that medium. Consider audience, purpose, context, tone, style, “extras” (like music or images), arrangement, ethos, logos, pathos, and rhetorical techniques and consider how these may change for the two mediums.

This assignment has three parts:

  1. The written argument ~700-1000 word written argument with the same general argument as the podcast argument, however designed as a print text. Turn this in in class on paper.
  2. The podcast argument ~5 minute podcast with the same general argument as the written argument, however designed for a podcast. Turn this in via iTunes U. Post your transcript to the blog (preferably a full transcript, but a detailed outline is acceptable) and (if we can figure this out) link to it from the blog. Post both by midnight.
  3. The reflection In 1-2 pages (single spaced, or the equivalent in other spacing: 400-850 words) or a 2-4 minute podcast, reflect on the two arguments and mediums. For example, consider:
    • What did you do similarly? What did you do differently?
    • Did you make changes in the audience, purpose, context, tone, style, “extras” (like music or images), arrangement, ethos, logos, pathos, and rhetorical techniques for the two arguments/mediums?
    • What was easy about each medium? What was hard?
    • Why did you choose the topic?
    • Do you feel one argument is stronger than the other? Why?
    • What worked? What was difficult?
    • Why did you choice to do the reflection in this medium (paper or podcast)?
Turn this in either in class if you do it on paper or by midnight via iTunes U. If you want the reflection to be a private podcast email it to me by midnight (as a .MP3).

Note 1: You may find this easier to choose an argument topic related to your capstone project—perhaps an early draft or just to work with the topics.

Note 2: Do make sure that the written argument is not just a transcript of the podcast or the podcast a reading of the written argument. You must design these arguments differently–even if the argument itself (say pro-choice, anti-tax increase, or why Palin is the best orator ever) remains the same.

Note 3: You may find it easier to not make this formal assignment your first podcast. I recommend doing a reading response podcast first.