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Podcasting in a Writing Class? Considering the Possibilities



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Option from List of Various Media: Capstone Project

The purpose of the capstone project is to demonstrate what you have learned in your studies in college, and particularly in rhetoric and composition. This capstone project allows you to more fully explore and work in some area relevant to rhetoric and composition that has caught your interest during your studies. The type of project you do is open, but you must successfully argue for your project in the proposal (otherwise none of the other project components will be accepted). The project must clearly be related to rhetoric and composition, technical communication, or at least English (as a subject) in general.

Project ideas:

For non-print projects: The amount of work should be equivalent to a 15-25 page academic paper. For a website or blog this may be 10-20 pages/nodes/posts (or the equivalent of 10-20 pages print) and for a audio podcast approximately 15-25 minutes (video podcasts could be slightly less, talk to me should you be interested in this), although in both cases longer will be acceptable. Submit in the correct form.

This assignment has four parts:


Due 12/2 by the start of class. Worth 40% of the project grade.
For this project you may choose your subject, genre, and media/um. The project must be clearly related to your degree—and thus in the areas of rhetoric and composition, technical communications, or at least English. See above for a list of possible media and genres. Your project must be approved through the proposal or it will not be accepted.

Submit in the correct form: email me the link if it is a blog, wiki, website or other non-podcast digital project; email me telling me the podcasts are on iTunes; turn in the paper or email it as an attachment.