The Exhaustion of Newness

Permalink for this paragraph 0 MKG: For someone working at the place where you work, always searching for the new, there is a great potential for the exhaustion that comes from always looking at the horizon, always looking out for what’s next. Do you encounter that kind of exhaustion? If you do, how do you deal with it? If you don’t, to what do you ascribe your energy?

Permalink for this paragraph 0 BS: I’ve never thought of myself as focused on what’s new as much as on what’s new to me. In that sense, I’m just as curious about the past as I am about the future. The key for me is that I’m not a creature of habit. I’m also very lucky. I live in New York City, I’m healthy, and as part of my job I get to travel around the world to meet an incredibly broad range of interesting people. I’m never exhausted, never bored.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Bob Stein at his home in Williamsburg with Roberta, his niece's tortoise. Photo by Matthew K. Gold

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