So-Called Bloodless Wars: High-Tech Corporations

An Interview with Noam Chomsky, by Carl Whithaus

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CW: You clearly see a fairly easy exchange between the US military, the Israeli military, and high-tech corporations.

Chomsky: There are some limitations on them. For example, when Israel wanted to sell high-tech military equipment to China, the U.S. put its foot down, including the Bush administration. And of course, Israel has to obey. Israel had to back down. Of course, that’s a big blow to their economy. It’s a military, high-tech based economy and China is a huge market. That happened just a couple of years ago under Bush and before that under Clinton. So, yes, there are tensions.

There are also tensions about spying. Israeli spies have been caught inside the US system. Jonathan Pollard is a famous case. There have also been a couple of recent cases. The US military and the US intelligence doesn’t like that. But, by and large, it’s a fairly intimate relationship also at the corporate level.


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