So-Called Bloodless Wars: The Cyber Section of the Pentagon

An Interview with Noam Chomsky, by Carl Whithaus

Binary Numbers

Chomsky: That is quite apart from the whole cyber section of the Pentagon which has been on the front page for the last couple of days. The Pentagon is developing new ways of trying to infiltrate computer systems, command systems, potential enemies, identify where targets are from cell phone calls.

[Author's Note: Chomsky's reference reflects the range of coverage that the Cyber Section of the Pentagon was receiving in June 2009 from the mainstream media (e.g., MSNBC) as well as in the anti-war blogosphere (e.g., Antifascist Calling...). While Chomsky was speaking in early June, 2009 later in the month a hacker attack forced the Department of Defense to take 1,500 computers off line. And before the end of the month, Defense Secretary Robert Gates had signed an order creating a new Cyber Command].

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Note: The complete audio recording of the interview is available to listen to as you browse the edited webtext.