dot mil: Rhetoric, Technology, and the Military

14.3 Summer 2010

Logging On

Mike Edwards and Alexis Hart, Guest Editors


  • So-Called Bloodless Wars

    Carl Whithaus interviews Noam Chomsky

    This interview with Chomsky covers a range of topics regarding the uses of technology by the United States military and the Israeli military, including the use of information technology for surveillance, communication, and control of civilian populations.

  • Rhetoric, The Military, and Artificial Intelligence

    Ryan Trauman interviews Hugh Burns

    This interview traces Burns's transition from military officer to professor, provides insight for junior scholars in computers and composition, and seeks connections among military training, artificial intelligence, and teaching with technology.

  • A Soldier Interacting, Without Mediation

    Mike Edwards and Alexis Hart interview Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV

    Lt. Gen. Caldwell is a three-star general who has publicly promoted the use of digital media technologies—from blogs to YouTube to Twitter—by military personnel of all ranks. He discusses training, security, and other issues associated with the use of information technologies by active-duty military personnel.

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