Staff Comings and Goings

Kairos demands a lot of time and energy, so changes in staff happen regularly around the virtual halls. The Praxis section says good-bye to some long-time assistant editors: Amanda Cash, Grace Bernhardt, Sarah Spring, Daisy Pignetti, and Janine Solberg. We will miss them, in both the section work they performed and the issue proofing they so kindly assisted with. Thank you so very much for your efforts!

We are incredibly sad to be saying good-bye to one staff member who has been instrumental in changing the face of Kairos over the last two-and-a-half years. Karl Stolley, as I mentioned in the opening of this column, helped Kairos do what seemed to be impossible a few years ago, redesign the journal to award-winning success. Karl first came to Kairos in 2006 as an assistant editor for the newly created Inventio section. He was quickly promoted to co-editor of that section and helped Kairos offer its first author-mentoring workshop at Computers and Writing 2008 in Athens. By that time, Karl was working closely with Douglas Eyman and Kathie Gossett on a complete redesign of the journal's interface, which prompted us to better acknowledge the time and intellectual commitment of that volunteer role by making him the Interface Editor. We couldn't be more pleased at the work he's done over the last two years, and we're sorry to see him go but know that, like many staffers who are still on the tenure-track, a commitment to Kairos doesn't always satisfy our tenure committee's desires. We thank him for the commitment and energy he brought to the journal and wish him the best of luck on his other projects.

In another title change befitting her increased commitment and workload as project manager of the Kairos redesign, we are happy to announce that Kathie Gossett is now an associate editor of the journal. Kudos to Kathie, whose long hours and painstaking work with timelines, task lists, flowcharts, and other managerial resources helped the design team fulfill its charge. Kathie will continue to work on Phase Two of the design project, which includes more reader features and a new editorial interface for the staff to better complete its work.

In additions, we welcome the following staff members: Rebecca McCarthy and Wesley Venus join us as assistant editors for the Reviews section, and Virginia Kuhn, J. James Bono, Courtney Danforth, and Elkie Burnside join us as Praxis assistant editors. We also welcome Kyle Jensen, who has served on our editorial board since 2006, as he moves into an assistant editor role for the spring semester.