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Why, then, was I so concerned when asked to teach a graduate Classical Rhetoric course? After all, in the words of the first xXx, "I live for this shit" (Cohen, 2002). I wanted to revisit classical rhetoric in depth again. It is who I am, no matter what I'm teaching. Classical rhetoric is at the foundation of composition, grant writing, new media theory, English Education, Web site design, teaching praxis, rhetocial theory, technical communication, and everything else. I am rhetoric, and I am a teacher who lives and breathes technological literacy. iRhetoric.

Consider these three principles of good teaching in the new media Classical Rhetoric course:

Teachers can use the making of our tacit assumptions about core classical concepts, itself, as an example of knowledge-making that is essentially what classical rhetors were doing. Teachers can highlight that classical rhetoric is central to who we are as teachers and citizens today. It is our home. It is our base. Teachers should work to placeshift ideas to the commonplaces rooted in the lives of students.

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