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Digital health and feminist (re)visionings of healing
Hannah Bellwoar
Critical remediation: Locating Eliza
Patrick Berry 
Remediating science: A case study of socialization
Karen Lunsford

Remaking IO, remaking rhetoric: Semiotic remediation as situated rhetorical practice
Paul Prior 
Nobody told me that college was this hard!: "Venting" in the grad stacks
Liz Rohan
Math, the 'Poetry Slam,' and mathemagicians: Tracing trajectories of practice and person
Kevin Roozen  
Kairos and community building: Implications for literacy researchers
Mary P. Sheridan-Rabideau
Live composition: Four variations of a telling
Jody Shipka and Bill Chewning 
Re-membering identity: Recovering textual networks through a remediated canon
Janine Solberg
Data-palace: Modern memory work in digital environments
Derek Van Ittersum
Constructing a BIG text: Developing a multimodal master plan for composition instruction
Joyce R. Walker