Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 1996
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The Case of Object #143 or A Manifesto of CineTextual Writing

Cinetext is the creation of a time-defined textuality using patterns and elements of film in the creation of dynamic textuality. An updated reprise of the author's 1995 Computers and Writing presentation in El Paso.


by Anthony Rue


Stories & Maps: Postmodernism and Professional Communication

Johndan Johnson-Eilola investigates the change from cultural knowledge to visual knowledge by juxtaposing the use of stories and maps as representative information technologies. There is also a dynamic introduction of Postmodern theory/praxis for technical communication.


by Johndan Johnson-Eilola


Get to Know John Burroughs

Walt Carroll provides a hypertextual introduction to "America's Most Beloved Nature Writer." Includes biographical and bibilographical links, and a selection of the web author's favorite Burroughs quotations.


by Walt Carroll


Mapping Ecash: Using the Internet for Business Writing

Tim Krause describes his analysis of electronic commerce in a Business Writing class, bringing his classroom onto the net while getting his students involved in a current cultural debate.


by Tim Krause


What Matters Who Writes? What Matters Who Responds? Issues of Ownership in the Writing Classroom

Lunsford, the co-author of Singular Texts/Plural Authors experiments with collaborative writing in a hypertextual environment, teaming with three co-authors -- or is that the right term? -- to re-imagine her 1995 Keynote Address at the Colgate NCTE Conference.
with Rebecca Rickly, Michael J. Salvo, and Susan West


by Andrea Lunsford