Volume 7, Issue 1 Spring 2002
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Response, Replies, and Commentary

Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly, Response Editors



Integrating Laptops into Campus Learning: Theoretical, Administrative and Instructional Fields of Play

Daniel Anderson, Robin Seaton Brown, Todd Taylor, and Kathryn Wymer
The Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI) provides access to technology for faculty, staff and students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. CCI requires that, beginning with the fall semester of the year 2000, first year students must own a laptop computer running a Windows operating system. CCI also marks the beginning of a technology life-cycling program for faculty and staff facilitated through a single vendor contract signed with IBM. Through the CCI contract, the University provides recommended laptops for student purchases and desktop computers for faculty. CCI promotes a single vendor, standard platform computing environment to leverage purchasing power and provide up-to-date technology to faculty and students. s

Visions, Re-Visions, Pre-Visions: The Graduate Research Network 2001 and Beyond

Janice R. Walker, Georgia Southern University, with Susan Antlitz, Cheryl E. Ball, Jennifer Bowie, James Inman, Susan Lang, Charles Lowe, Sara Pace, John Walter, et al.
The GRN and GRN Online began as a vision, but they have grown--and we hope will continue to grow--into an important and a useful part of the Computers and Writing Conference and beyond. With this in mind, then, we need to ensure that the vision of the Coordinators reflects the vision of the community we serve.

Kairos Interactive: MOOs
Preparing Future Computers and Writing Faculty

Hosted by Colleen A. Reilly
Joel English and Cynthia Jeney joined us to discuss their portions of the Teacher Network Forum piece from Kairos 6.2 entitled "Impossible Realities: Preparing Future Faculty." The discussion explored many of the main issues from their web texts, including how to prepare graduate students in computers and writing for the job market, how new computers and writing faculty can educate their departments about what they do, and why technologically savvy people choose to teach rather than work in industry.

Gender Issues in Technology and Writing

Hosted by Colleen A. Reilly
Carlton Clark, Danielle Nicole DeVoss, and Zach Waggoner talked with us about issues related to their Kairos 6.2 CoverWeb articles dealing with gender issues in technology and writing. The resulting discussion explored the performative and relational aspects of gender and of technology, their historical intersections, and their transformative potential.

Call for Contributions

Have an exciting class this term? Conducting  interesting research you'd like to share? Working on an interesting project? Have a reflection, response, or idea concerning the webbed writing classroom? Interested in talking with Kairos authors?  Response is the section for you!  Contact Response Editors Jennifer Bowie and Colleen Reilly ( kpraxis@earthlink.net ) to talk more about the possibilities.