Volume 3, Issue 2 Fall 1998
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Workshops at Work: Materials from Computers and Writing Sessions
Composed of a series of webtexts created by workshop facilitators, this forum provides valuable resource materials for teachers of writing in computerized environments.

A Look at Personal Journals Online
Lisa Mongno
In this webtext, Lisa Mongno shares some of her current research about personal journals online. This effort summarizes her work and points you a number of Web resources.

Projects In Progress

Ed. Note: All PIP links are external to the Kairos shell.

  • JAC Online
    Jacqueline Rhodes and Janice Walker, Co-Editors, invite you to visit their new site.

  • Internet Student News Network
    Check out this innovative project organized by Eugene Ortiz.

  • Noesis: Philosohpical Research Online
    Here's interesting search engine work being spearheaded by Anthony F. Beavers and the Internet Applications Laboratory at the University of Evansville.

  • @one
    Michael Bertsch directs us to a program in the California Community College Chancellor's Office which is designed to train teachers in the use of technology to improve student outcomes.

  • A Critique of the Epistemology of Nationalism
    Eugene O'Brien shares information about a project he's preparing for publication.

  • Online Teaching Certificate
    Kate Blaisdell offers information about a new program at California State University at Hayward.

News Reports

  • Computers and Composition Book Award
    At Computers and Writing 1999, Computers and Composition will present its first annual book award. Check out submission details.

  • Kairos Awards Announced
    "Hypertext Reflections" takes top prize.

  • Peer Centered
    Clint Gardner has just begun a new community for tutors, and he invites you to join the group. Be sure to check out the information he's provided about this interesting project.

Conference Wraps


Excerpted E-list Dialogues

  • "Ideas gone?"; from acw-l
  • "blah center"; from wcenter
  • Calls for Participation


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