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Ongoing, Pre- and Post-conference
Facilitator/Moderator: Becky Rickly
Topic: "Who We Are, What We Do"
Three online Town Hall Meetings and an ongoing email discussion held in conjunction with the 1998 Computers and Writing Conference, May 28-31, 1998, Gainesville, FL. 
Moderator's Welcome Becky Rickly 
Invited Speakers and their Position Statements
Janet Cross
Eric Crump
Lisa Gerrard
Steve Krause
Paul LeBlanc
Karen Schwalm 
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Wed., May 20, 1998
Mon., May 25, 1998
Wed. June 3, 1998 
Moderator's Closing Remarks Becky Rickly 
Generative Questions for These Meetings

In the pre-conference Town Hall Meeting, which will begin a three weeks before the face to face conference, approximately every three days one of the invited participants will give an extended email presentation on the topic "Who We Are, What We Do." The community will then have a chance to discuss this presentation online. Initial topics might include:

  1. Where's the proof? Why should we be using computers in our classes? 
  2. What should we be doing with computers and writing? 
  3. Is the Writing Teacher a Computer Scientist? Or vice versa? Who are we? 
  4. Is there a Rhetoric of computers and writing? 
  5. What is academic writing? How is it (or should it be) affected by computers? 
  6. How is our field embracing diversity and inequality? 
During the post-conference town hall (one week long), we'll ask that those who attended the conference summarize what was said at the face-to-face town hall meetings, and use the previous discussions as a springboard to contemplate "What We Will Become." Here, the moderator will identify key issues that have been articulated and lead the community in an inquiry to define itself. 
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